Enjoy the final cadenza of my first blog

My last blog post for CATwithHATs. Instead of drums, I hit a dead-end street. But I need to keep moving. Get a better picture of why I am letting go.

No more blog – going with my gut

I had this idea for a last video for my blog. There would have been three balloons with the name CATwithHATs on them. I would have told you goodbye from eye to eye and then release them – let them fly to wherever the wind takes them. But then a week ago my wonderful new Lumix GH5 got hijacked and returned, being not so beautiful at all anymore: it was broken. Was that a sign? Hmm, oh well. On the other hand, I could have just filmed the scene with my iPhone. As you see, I didn’t. I chose written farewell over a filmed one.

And here I am now, writing my last post entry for my own blog. I had to try this – create my own thing with videos for drummers on WordPress, YouTube and other socials. And I did. It’s been an interesting journey. To be honest, it ends sooner and different from I expected. But that’s okay. I’ve learned a lot and I know some of you took something out of it as well. And of course it will stay right here, for I will leave everything for you and whoever cares. However, I won’t add anything new to this blog anymore.

Thank You, supporters and blog lovers!

All of my active supporters at one glance.

It’s that time – it’s time to move on. During the last months I put a lot of time, energy and money into CATwithHATs. On the other end, there wasn’t really much I got back. Well, I don’t only do things to get something in return. One way streets can be cool and fulfilling. Yet, I had the feeling I turned into a dead-end street. And how much fun is it at the end of a road, where you can’t even get out of your vehicle? Is anything happening there? Not much.

But I need to keep moving and therefore turn around. That’s probably also due for I must have lost something on the way. Some part that’s necessary to continue and maybe simply search for a detour. But I think my gear, heart and I need to explore a whole different area now.

Although there are still many master drummers on my wish-to-interview list, it’s time to say thanks so much again! To all the heavy hitters, who jumped in front of my camera and shared some of their time and insights with me and YOU! And also to the drummers, who became my keypals and invited us into their lives that way. Last but not least, a few companies dared to support me, my blog and my ideas. Thank you as well.

And now have fun exploring the world of drums and music some more. Enjoy!


Drummers in front of my camera

Keith Carlock (Steely Dan) – Kai Hahto (Nightwish) – Dom Famularo (educator) – Ray Luzier (Korn) – Questlove (The Roots) – Gabor Dornyei (tHUNder Duo)– Claus Hessler (educator) – Thomas Lang (solo) – Markus “Onkel“ Lingner (Ohrbooten) – Vinnie ColaiutaJ.R. Robinson & Nicko McBrain (Paiste endorsees) Ralph Humphrey (Frank Zappa) – Walfredo Reyes Jr. (Chicago) – Mikkey Dee (Motörhead), Mike Terrana, Rick Latham, Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai), Karl Brazil (Robbie Williams), Wolfgang Haffner (session), Jost Nickel & Marko Dungjak (Andreas Gabalier) – Joe Porcaro (educator) – Randy Black (W.A.S.P.) – Ari Hoenig (freelance) – Don Lombardi (DW & DrumChannel) – DoubleBeats (percussion duo) – Jared Falk (Drumeo) – Jan „Stix“ Pfennig (Sido) – Furunkulus (darg age music) – Brad Webb (Jamie Cullum) – Nick Petree (Beirut) – Simon Gattringer (Johannes Oerding) – Matt Halpern (Periphery) – Jojo Mayer (Nerve) – Emmanuelle Caplette (freelance) – J.R. Robinson (session) – Adam Markó (Special Providence) – Pete Lockett (session) – Brian Frasier-Moore (Madonna) – Mark Guiliana (David Bowie) – Russ Miller (session) – Eric Moore II (Lillake) – Jason Sutter (freelance) – Chris Coleman (The Paradigm) – Brendan Buckley (Shakira) – Steve Smith (Journey) –Will Hunt (Evanescence) – Michael Schack (educator) – Jost Nickel (Jan Delay)

Keypals I exchanged emails with

Alireza Tabatabaei (Iran) – Sahar Shateri (Iran) – Axel Fagerberg (Sweden) – Turgut Alp Bekoglu (Turkey) – Khosh (Ukraine) – Alan Velasquez (Guatemala)

Companies that supported me

Hieber LindbergSchlagwerkYamaha DrumsZildjianSennheiser
















  • Sorry to read you took this tough decision. The effort you put in this project has been tremendous, your production very pro. But you’re right, you need to get more things out of it after investing so much time and finances in a good setup. I’m sure it will not be lost. Thanks for allowing me to be part of your close family of drummers who did get the chance to be part of your journey.
    Und…das Allerbeste für deine Zukunft!


    – Michael

    • Michael, you rock!✌️Thanks for your kind words. It’s been a real pleasure and honor to have you as a part of the CATwithHATs family. I like your way and wish you all the best for your future projects and life in general as well. Dankje wel!

  • Catrien,
    Thank you so much for sharing those great interviews, blogs, posts and so much more.
    But you’re right, it’s good also to recognize that it is time to keep moving in life.
    I really appreciate the space that you gave me to share about Guatemala and the Drumming stuff around in my country; it’s something I’ll never forget.
    The most important thing is that you are well in life and so we will miss your posts, we will gladly know that you are doing well and sharing your love for music.
    Thank you!! And we’ll keep in contact.

    -Alan Velásquez-

    • Alan, your are awesome. Muchas, muchas gracias for your feedback and for your outstanding support. So nice to meet you at least in this cyberworld. And thanks for introducing me to drumming Guatemala. I wish you all the best and sure, we’ll stay in touch.

  • I was always looking forward for you blog updates… Always quality stuff. Thanks for all the hard work and good luck with new projects! J.

    • Julian, thank you very much for letting me know. That means a lot to me. All the best for you as well! Cat

  • As much as I understand your decision, I’m sad to hear this. I very much like your work – thank you for putting so much energy, time, love and passion into this project. I gained a lot from it! Hope to meet you in person soon to tell you … I hope to keep in touch somehow … anyway, all the very best for future plans. Hit it Babe! Peter

    • Peter, thanks a million – also for spreading the word about my blog. That was the plan for my blog: to gain from it. I’m glad you did and appreciate it. … And sure, I’m around. All the best back! Cat

  • Sad to hear but I wish you all the best!
    I’m sure you will succeed in whatever is next for you.

    Take care!

    • Axel, thank you so much for your kind words. And even more thanks for being a part of this. Still hope to see you play live one day. All the best for you as well! c

  • Hi Cat

    Sad news that we shall no longer have the philosophical insights of great musicians, as filtered through your refreshing approach to interviewing.

    I enjoyed all your interviews and took much from them. I can understand how the process has felt imbalanced to you in terms of rewards not really matching your efforts, but please know that all of us who tuned in to your blog have really benefited from it, even if you were not always made aware of it.

    You created a drumming resource to be proud of, both in terms of all the effort you put into it and the quality of the final product. If I had to descibe your style in cooking terms, I would say ‘hearty home cooking’ …relaxed and nourishing ☺

    All the best in your future efforts and much happiness to you


    • Dear Brett,
      what a wonderful compliment. I like that kind of food very much. And I am glad that you benefited from the interviews. After all, that was the main purpose of my blog, creating something new with extra value for drummers. Thank you for taking the time to give me such feedback. It means a lot to me. Thanks for your wishes and the same to you as well! Cat

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