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Top drummers interviewing top drummers

Guess whom I got in front of my camera at the Musikmesse?! These top drummers: Mikkey Dee, Mike Terrana, Rick Latham, Derrick McKenzie, Karl Brazil, Manni von Bohr, Wolfgang Haffner, Jost Nickel and Marko Dunjak. Each had a question and an answer for another.

Where top drummers meet

What do you do at a music fair, if not that many percussion instruments are exposed? Well, you go and look for the greatest drummers around. Luckily there was a whole Drum Camp installed, hence it was easy to find them: Mikkey Dee, Brian Tichy, Dirk Brand, Karl Brazil, Mike Terrana, Jost Nickel, Marko Duvnjak and Manni von Bohr.

The center of the Drum Camp was a sound proof booth in which clinics were held every hour on the hour. Each time organizers rolled another riser with yet another beautiful drum kit into the booth. After each clinic the artists came out to patiently sign posters, drumheads, sticks and other things for their fans and to also take selfies with them. In another bigger room a little further away, Manni von Bohr and Jost Nickel hosted their clinics in front of a seated audience. Responsible for a trouble-free organisation were Gerd Essel of GEWA and his team.

Top drummers ask their peers

As you can imagine, the artists at the Musikmesse were pretty busy and stressed. It gets incredibly loud in those exhibition halls and if you perform, it also gets incredibly hot. There are not only the fans with their questions, there are also the endorsers and there are press people with interview requests. So not much time really. Therefore I decided to keep it short, simple, but different.

I went up to nine amazing drummers and asked each of them for a question for one of their peers. Luckily they all thought, this could be fun. And it was. Karl Brazil had a question for Mikkey Dee, Mikkey had a question for Marko Duvnjak, Marko had one for Wolfgang Haffner, Wolfgang had one for Jost Nickel, Jost wanted to know something from Karl, Mike Terrana had a question for Rick Latham, Rick had one for Manni von Bohr, Manni had one for Derrick McKenzie, Derrick a last one for Mike Terrana and Marcel van Cleef did my outro.

Thank you all so very much guys. Thanks for your time and spontaneity. I love the drummer world, which is such a great community, with such an amazing camaraderie. Just watch them and enjoy!

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Get in touch with the drummers

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