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PAISTE Ride Cymbal Trio honors Tool’s Danny Carey

Tool’s Danny Carey couldn’t make it, but Vinnie Colaiuta, John “JR” Robinson and Nicko Mc Brain had a blast with the new “Paiste Monad Danny Carey Signature Ride Cymbal”.

Danny Carey Signature Cymbal Introduction

First of all imagine yourself being handed over a signature cymbal by Paiste and you just can’t make it to the NAMM Show to introduce it – but three drumming Titans will love to do it for you. Well, the Paiste Press Conference at NAMM 2016 took place in a hotel suite. What a shiny place that was, filled with all of Paiste’s News for this year. And then the room lightened up even some more, when Vinnie Colaiuta, John “JR” Robinson and Nicko Mc Brain entered the stage between all those new, mostly golden, showpieces.

One after another they introduced new Paiste models in their own, unique and entertaining way. It became very obvious how much in love they all are with their cymbal endorser. In the end, one cymbal hadn’t been played: the Danny Carey Monad Ride. So all three gathered around the very dark, purple shining ride cymbal. First Nicko explored the cymbal’s looks and visual effects with all the imprints by Danny Carey. Then he said: “You know I am a bell man” and started playing. Watch what happens, when two other giants of the drumming world, also equipped with a pair of sticks, stand right next to that nice, new cymbal.

Enjoy and stay on or by(e)!
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Paiste Cymbal News 2016

Here are some of the cymbals that have been introduced at the NAMM Show 2016. Just click on the links to receive more info about the cymbals.

  • Danny Carey Signature 22″ Dry Heavy Ride «Monad»
  • John «JR» Robinson 2002 24″ Swish Ride «Signature Groove»
  • André «Dédé» Ceccarelli Masters 20″ Mellow Ride «Blue Bird»
  • Carl Palmer Signature 20″ Duo Ride «Vir2osity»
  • Formula 602 Modern Essentials 17″, 19″, 22″ Crash and a 24″ Ride
  • PST 7 16″ Thin Crash & PST 7 19″ Crash
  • Masters 17″ Dark Crash & Masters 19″ Dark Crash
  • 2002 Black Big Beat 18″, 19″,20″,21″, 22″ & 24″ singles plus 2002 Black Big Beat 15″ Hi-Hat and 16″ Hi-Hat
  • 2002 Sound Edge 17″ Hi-Hat
  • Giant Beat 26″ Ride
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