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Michael Schack talks past, present and future of e-drums

Finally I got to see “AcouTronic Beat Freak” Michael Schack perform live. That raised questions in me – about e-drum history, hybrid drumming and the future of it all. The expert from Belgium was happy to answer me.

Insights From An E-Drum Expert

So do you play acoustic drums and nothing else or do you have some hybrid drumming going on for yourself? Maybe you don’t even own an acoustic set but only an e-drumkit? Whatever set you are drumming on, each type has its purpose and advantages. I wanted to find out more about the history of electronic drums from someone who has witnessed its development at first hand: Michael Schack.

He has been a professional drummer for 30 years now. And in 1992 he became a demonstrator for Roland in the Benelux countries. Can you imagine the number of sceptics towards electronic drums back then? Michael Schack remembers well. I asked him about conservatism in the drumming world, some turning points within the e-drum history, about how far music and drummers have changed through the availability of e-drums and what might happen in the future.

Important Messages To Teachers & All Drummers

Naturally you can learn from Michael by watching my video with him. Get your note-taking app ready and find out about what I mentioned above, and receive some helpful tips. Michael Schack wants to share important info with drum teachers, drummers, curious about hybrid drumming and every drummer who wants to improve his / her timing, creativity and mood.

Also I included my standard profile of course, in which Michael Schack reveals a lot of personal background info about him. For example, did you know he was kicked out of music school as a kid and that he holds a Bachelor in economics? Also find out what AcouTronic Beat Freak stands for and about his mottos about music and life. I find them quite inspiring.

Learning From Michael Online

Inspiring was also Michael’s appearance in a small sound-proof booth at this year’s Musikmesse in Frankfurt: lots of energy, positivity, meshups, fun and high level low-end. The show only lasted about 30 minutes, but I am sure a complete clinic would be worthwhile to visit. Just check Michael Schack’s facebook page for upcoming dates.

Oh and in case he’s never close to where you live, luckily there’s the online drum school Drumeo. As an Drumeo Edge member you are able to learn from Michael Schack online. He’s Drumeo’s expert when it comes to  e-drumming: drum ‘n’ bass, techno, house and more. Have you ever tried Drumeo? It’s an incredible source of drum wisdom, brought to you by some of the the world’s greatest drum instructors. Interested in a 7-day free trial? Enroll now.

Now enjoy meeting the AcuTronic Beat Freak from Belgium!

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Michael Schack plays in these bands

Netsky | #sMashUpMilk Inc.

Media and artists Michael Schack mentions in the video

Gene Krupa: 7 Classic Albums (4CD | 2015)
P-Funk All Stars: Hydraulic Funk (CD | 2008)
Billy Cobham: Spectrum (CD | 2001)
Bootsy Collins: Back In The Day, Best of (CD | 1994)
Vaya Con Dios: Ultimate Collection (2CD | 2010)
Foo Fighters: Wasting Light (CD | 2015)
Queens Of The Stone Age: … Like Clockwork (CD | 2013)
Muse: Drones (CD | 2015)

Michael Schack’s gear

Roland Electronics
Tama Drums
Meinl Cymbals
Vic Firth Sticks
Ableton Live
Strezov Sampling

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