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Visiting Yamaha Drums at the NAMM Show 2017

Yamaha Drums celebrate their 50th anniversary this year. Guess which company I visited first at the NAMM Show 2017? I got to see their new stuff as well as some of their legendary endorsers. Follow me on my exclusive demo tour.

Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Funkmasters

There are drum companies which have been on the market for longer than 50 years. But between 1967 and 2017 Yamaha Drums made quite some history. Of course there is the worshipped Recording Custom YD9000 kit. And because I own one, for me personally the Hipgig stands out, too. But the list of drum sets made or developed in Japan is long – just as the list of artists, who love their Yamaha Drums.

Ever ran into Steve Gadd, Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Billy Cobham and Mark Guiliana in one day? For the NAMM Show in Anaheim USA is the most important trade event of the music industry, almost everybody is there. See and be seen. Also, if you are lucky you can have a quick talk to your drum heroes. Signing sessions are a great place for that. Therefore you bet, I went to the Yamaha room to see some serious drum cats sitting all on one table: the Funkmasters John “Jabo” Starks and Clyde Stubblefield, Hipgig idea generator Rick Marotta, Jerry Marotta, Dave Mattacks, Michael Baker, Ray Luzier, Dave Weckl and Steve Gadd.

Have you always been playing the same brand of drums? For some drummers it takes a while to find what they like best. But even after many years drummers may change endorsers. Have you noticed that Steve Gadd is with Yamaha for more than 40 years and Dave Weckl is counting more than 30 years? They are and they seem to be very happy. During the signing session I had the chance to ask them both the same question: “Why did you never switch to another company?” Find out what they replied in my video.

What’s new, Yamaha Drums?

Well, I saw some of my heroes. However, mainly I wanted to see what’s new from Yamaha Drums for their 50th anniversary. Luckily I found someone, who knows all about that: Yamaha Assistant Marketing Manager Joel Tetzlaff. He gave me a quick tour through their new products and updates. And because I filmed it, you can also take the tour. Here is what we talked about:

  1. 50th Anniversary Drum Sets
    more info on the anniversary drum sets
  2. RYDEEN – New Entry Acoustic Drum Set
    more info on the Rydeen …
  3. DT50S – Acoustic Snare / Tom Trigger
    more info on the DT50S
  4. DTX 502 Module
    more info on the 502 module
  5. DTX 760 HWK
    more info on the DTX 760 HWK …

So, have a look into these Yamaha Drums. I found their triggers along with the app very interesting. If you like what you see, check them out in real life.

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Thanks for inviting me, Yamaha Drums Germany and Yamaha Drums USA.

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