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Hello drumming music lovers!

Music lovers, welcome to my blog! This is my first post. Before you will be able to read it and before I am showing you my first video with a drummer, I need to check on a thousand things. So hopefully you already checked into my social media channels to stay tuned and curious. Don’t miss to like me on Facebook, to follow me on Instagram and Twitter, to subscribe to my YouTube channel and … well, that will do for now. Thanks.

So far, so many drummers

By the way, I am very thankful for some past dates with some awesome music lovers. The first one is a drumming hero of mine:  Keith Carlock of Steely Dan! I also already met up with the very humble and spontaneous Kai Hahto of Nightwish, with the very energetic Global Drumming Ambassador Dom Famularo, with the new president of Percussion Creativ Germany Claus Hessler, with German swag specialist Jan “Stix” Pfennig and last but not least with the fabulous Onkel of the band Ohrbooten.

More dates for the near future have been confirmed. The results will be made available to you step by step and by me. Therefore bare with me when I am wearing all these different hats while trying to collect content that is both entertaining and educational to you. Also bare with me as I get better and better with all that new equipment I carry around and have in front of me.

Music Lovers’ mecca

Whenever I hear from Dom Famularo he asks me, if I am gonna be there and there, too. So far my answer has always been no, but in the end I’ve also always booked a ticket to get to that certain place or event he suggested. The same thing happened last December when Dom asked me, if I was going to be at the NAMM Show. I said … and he said: “You’ve got to go!” And so be it. On January 20th I will take my seat in an airplane to LAX. And for four days I will be visiting the music lovers’ mecca NAMM Show for the first time in my life. So stay tuned, I promise to show you what I see and saw.

Stay on and by(e)!

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