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Online Drum Lessons serve the spirit of the time, but do they also serve students well? The instructors at Drumeo in Canada take their students to the next level.

How do you get your regular dose of drum education? Are you self-taught or do you take lessons? Locally or online? Do you get your knowledge from thousands of YouTube videos or have you maybe signed up for an online drum lessons program? There are many ways to become a great drumming musician. And it’s up to you to figure out the best way for yourself. Just one thing is for sure: there have never been more options than today in the time of easy internet access.

World (Wide Web) of opportunities

Many musicians agree that one’s ideas and approach are more important than one’s technique. However the variety of schools specialized in music programs has probably never been larger. Therefore the number of schooled musicians and artists has never been bigger than today. Does that also say something about quality? It doesn’t have to. There always have been outstanding musicians, also back in the 1930s, 50s, 70s and even those playing for Bach, Mozart, Stravinsky, Schönberg etc. played at a professional level. They most likely learned by doing, by imitating their masters and idols.

As you might know, great musicians are not always great teachers as well. It’s no secret that the internet is not only full of good, but also full of bad content. In other words: some things online are true, others are not. So how do you find out, who truly knows what he or she is talking about? How do you find a teacher, who is able to make you a good player and enjoys doing so? Well, I did the research for you. Of course personal taste is always involved, but I can assure you that the quality of the online drum lessons platform I am about to recommend is superb.

Drumeo Online Drum Lessons

Jared Falk is a drummer from Vancouver in Canada, who founded the celebrated online drum lessons site Drumeo. At the moment 127,166 drummers from more than 100 countries are studying with Drumeo, can they be wrong? They could be. But can 80 of the best drum instructors in the world, who are or have been teaching for Drumeo, also be wrong? The list of guest instructors reads like a who is who in the drum business. And how come Drumeo won “Best Educational Website” in 2014 and 2015 by the readers of DRUM! Magazine? Well, I don’t know for sure, but certainly not for doing something that’s not worth mentioning.

Drumeo comes three months for free. Enough time to decide, if it works for you. The guys from Canada offer live and on-demand lessons, a lesson library, personalized lesson plans, personal reviews, community support, fun play-along songs, a blog and great, qualified people to learn from. You can chosse between a monthly or an annual membership. In numbers that means you can learn for 29 $ per month or for 197 $ per year.

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Drumeo Training Packs

In addition to a lesson library Drumeo offers an exclusive Showroom with free video lessons every Monday and exclusive Training Packs. These are intensive home-study courses on dvd and pdf workbook. They are aimed at different skill levels and address topics such as rudiments, Moeller technique, latin drumming, jazz drumming and tuning system. Among the instructors are Meytal Cohen and Cobus. Have a look at all training packs* in detail:

Bass Drum Secrets
Cobus Method
Drum Fill System
Drum Play Along System
Drum Rudiment System
Drum Tuning System
Drumming System
Jazz Drumming System
Latin Drumming System
Maximum Meytal
Moeller Method Secrets
Successful Drumming

Check out Drumeo and enjoy the good company.
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