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Visiting KLANG:Technologies at NAMM

Limp Biskit drummer John Otto refuses to go on stage without his 3D-In-Ears. And how is your sound on stage? Are you happy with it? Did you know, that the German based company KLANG:Technologies invented 3D-In-Ear-Monitoring? They did and their sound really makes a difference. See how it works!

Beautiful KLANG at the NAMM Show

Yesterday at NAMM, German drummer friend Sven Kosakowski sent me over to the KLANG:Technologies booth. The reason for that was simple: we had just talked a little bit about sound and how rarely I did use my expensive In-Ears as an active player and why. He understood completely, but also knew better. Sven told me about a young German company, which in 2013 came up with the fabulous idea of turning your monitor sound into a 3-D-Experience.

Experience the 3D-Sound-Experience

I visited the KLANG booth today. And Phil was so kind to quickly explain the concept behind their product Klang:Fabrik. He also told me for which bands the system would be a great addition to their gear and what especially drummers can do with it. I was able to put on a set of headphones and play around with the different mixing-settings right there. The impact is very direct and quite impressive. And it all seems so simple. With this system it’s possible to get closer to the band while staying behind your drums. It’s even possible to move your drums around and put them wherever you want in a room.

This gets as natural and virtual at the same time as it can get. And as Phil mentions in the video, you can experience the 3D-Sound yourselves. Don’t move, just either click on the following video, or get an even better understanding by downloading the KLANG:App and trying out the demo mode. It’s for free. Enjoy and

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