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Is CATwithHATs a drummer?

So who is that Cat with a hat and one more, who meets drummers, asks them questions and records it all on camera? What does she know about drumming anyway? Can she even hold sticks properly?

Yes, I can and am a drummer!

For those of you, who keep wondering – even after having read the about me section – if I, if CAT with HATs knows enough to be doing this, if she can do some rounds of boom-chack-boom-boom-chack-boom-boom herself, here is some moving picture proof for you. After all, it does not mean much to have a diploma of anything, does it!? It’s about one’s performance in the field – Metallica already knew that in 1992 : Nothing Else Matters. Yes, I can manage to get through a song without hurting myself, bandmates or people in the audience – mostly I really can.

CATwithHATs live in Rotterdam

One good example for that is a performance with Bart Constant at the Motel Mozaique Festival in Rotterdam in 2012. Bart Constant is the artist name of Rutger Hoedemaekers a musician / producer from the Netherlands, who resides in Berlin, Germany. We played together for about half a year, promoting his extraordinary CD Tell Yourself Whatever You Have To  on tv, radio, festivals and as a support band for The Kyteman Orchestra.

Playing some very precise Indie Pop music with precomposed drums has been a good experience for me. I learned a lot by playing drum parts with which I never would have come up with. And of course a click in one’s ears also provides some good training. Just click on the video and see CATwithHATs as a drummer on stage. And don’t be confused about the absence of a hat on her head. The hats are in the picture. Can you find them?

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